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So I was thinking about the type of a teacher I had. Shes in her 40s, teaches music and history and seems very well developed.

If you dont know her, she seems very aloof and cold and emotionally unintelligent. and a bit arrogant. (its not just my opinion) I didnt like her first because I really couldnt asses her.
Our class had her one year, after the year I liked her because she was really fair and her lessons were enjoyable.

So after the year it happened that I got her as my supervision teacher for my graduationpaper (a paper we all worked on for more than a year) and as we began to start with it i felt really bad, had anxiety attacks and anxiety of going to school and writing bad grades. She happened to notice it and offered me support, I am a really distrusting person but I somehow trusted her (for whatever reason, i really dont know) and opened up about my problems and she made me feel better.
I somehow seeked her advice for more than once and since I graduated, Im keeping contact with her.

At first I typed her ESFJ, but Im not sure anymore,
as I said, she seems aloof if you dont know her, but if you do shes like the warmest person ever. She likes to help people, and she can bring out the strenghts in people.
Shes very touchy, so if you talk to her she touches your shoulder, your hand, rubs your back. She was very constructing to me while I did that paper and before and after the final test.
I noticed that she always makes sure that everythings okay with her students, and that theyre fine.
She believes that everything that happens has a purpose and that everything turns out to be good in the end.
She had/has issues with how she looks, but appears to be very at ease with her. She seems pretty strong and very calm and at peace.
She once told me that she sees that I have a repression to speak because of my jaw and mouthregion (I have physical problems regarding this)
So uhm, Im not sure but I think it would be possible that she analyzed me to the point where she knew that being calm and affirming would really help me, which it did.
She also seems kind of dominant, but she never pushed me at all.
She can be rational, rationalising my problems, trying to help me think it through, being very objective.
She is very organised (making to do listst and stuff) she once made a cluster regarding a problem I had..

I always thought she would be extrovert but I think introverted would also be an option. Fe user, I guess? What would you say?
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