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Hey guys, it's my first time posting here. My sister would like to know what her mbti type is. Every test she has taken thus far, had a different one as an outcome. Personally, I think she would be an a-typical ENTJ. I think the main difficulty is that she fills them in herself. So I thought I could write some of her main characteristics I've observed and ask whether this sounds like a 'typical' MBTI type.

She is 20-years old and studies social sciences. She is an Enneagram 8 and a Slytherin.

She is really concerned about her appearance and has her 'own style'. She is always dressed fashionably and unique and does not care about others' peoples opinions on it.
She has a very paradoxal personality at times. Around her family, she is vulnerable and deep, around her own acquaintances she comes off as really ditzy and quirky.
She has a lot of 'friends' but never involves them into her life too deeply.
She talks a lot about herself and tends to look like she overshares, although, when she has a big problem she doesn't let her friends notice anything is odd and doesn't talk about it.
She tends to be described as 'dominant' by her friends.
At some points she is lazy and doesn't care about the future, while at some she is highly ambitious and overachieving.
She knows a lot of things about drugs, addiction and dark stuff, while she doesn't drink of smoke herself.
She is hyper-extraverted, but sometimes she just withdraws.
She rarely has moodswings.
She seems careless and impulsive, but she frequently has strong feelings of regret and self-loating after she did something impulsive.
She hides the fact that she's an overthinker.
She is cynical, sarcastic and blunt.
She is extremely loyal to her friends and family and can't stand betrayal.
She has a good reputation, which means she never 'dated around' or such. She is not 'easy' although guys often think she is.
She is mostly very successful in everything she does.
She is messy, but organized at the same time.
She looks confident, but knowing her she has lots of self-doubt.
She rarely lets people 'in', which means she will never confide her most intimate secrets, while being very chatty and seeminlgy open about herself.
She has an opinion on EVERYTHING and likes to argue.
She can be very controlling and dominant.
She seems to work strategically, but sometimes loses self-control heavily.
She has a strong temperament and comes off as bossy.
She seems to have the ability to control people around her when she wants to.
She has many suitors and while she is physically very beautiful, guys are fascinated and become obsessed with her personality.
She rarely feels embarrassed from an early age, she has a loud voice and never felt embarrassed, in contrast to me, when our parents would kiss her on the cheek before dropping her off at school.
She is very very protective of her family and extremely loyal.
She comes off as insensitive, but is really caring and inclined to give moral support to friends and people in need.
She has strong principles.
She reinvents herself and her style frequently.
She is a daredevil in some situations, while in others she thinks thorougly and strategically to take steps. She seems like she has some 'idgaf-moments'.
she is suprisingly impulsive sometimes.
She has artistic talents and interests in photography.
She is extremely lazy sometimes, while she can be really active at other times.
Sometimes she has really deep discussions with other people, while on other times she is annoyed by these 'semi-intellectuals who talk bullshit' because their words are a 'waste of time and highly inefficient' at university.
She seems to be good at reading people.
She overall does not care what people think.
She got tested as an type 8 on enneagram.
She has a great sense of humour and a lot of guy friends because of it.
She has an 'attitude' especially towards the suitors of the opposite sex.
She has many different contrasting interests and talents.
Sometimes, she comes off as goody-two-shoes and sometimes she's a badass.
She has a vivid fantasy.
She is a pro-liar when she has to be, but is extremely honest to her family.
She is really intelligent, but seems shallow sometimes.
She always achieves her goals after heavy setbacks and difficulties.
She is lazy and ambitious at the same time.
She talks A LOT and is EXTREMELY extraverted, but likes to withdraw at the same time.
Either people worship her or hate her.
She generally very obedient towards authorities and the parents, but was never scared. She talked back and could be really rebellious at times.
She always protected the bullied people at school and such. She did not like the 'popular' croud.
She's really opinionated.
She likes fashion and makeup and seems very 'girly'.
At the same time she has a very 'masculine' personality though her bluntness, (apparent) toughness and the id gaf-attitude.
She is very expressive.
She likes gangsta-rap and rock music.
She generally is a hard worker. Her colleagues always say she's one of the most hardworking people ever.
She likes to be in the centre of attention.
She doesn't go out frequently, but when she does she becomes a full-on party animal while not being a drinker.
People at work always find her nice.
She is really cheeky, cocky and slightly arrogant but in a cool way somehow.
She is REALLY charming when she wants to.
She never wanted to fit in at school.
Ironically, when she dates she is never the type of person who goes after someone for their looks, status or money.
She is generally really friendly to strangers, but if someone gives her dirty looks she would not hesitate to show them the finger. In public.
She has never been shy.
She knows everything about fashion trends but never follows them.
She is funny, crazy and lively in a cool way. People like to be around her whenthey are sad. She always cheers up people because she is funny.
She is an EXTREME procrastinator and is disracted by everything, but at the same time academically succesful.
She is generally progressive, but seems to have some conservative values.
She is very playful and bubbly, but can be aggressive, dominant and cold at the same time.
She falls in love very very rarely.
She is rarely impressed by guys and their romantic gestures because 'it is not sincere'.
She is the first person I would run to if I have a problem, because she does not panic and always has some helpful advice and moral support. She does stress out heavily over her own problem.
She likes anything extraordinary and is a HUGE fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Her personality can be described as flamboyant.
She is very good in philosophy, but hates other people who are always making theories about everything.
She is also a HUGE diva.
She has unusual original decorations in her room, but always stylish. People tend to copy her ideas and style frequently.
She has original ideas all the time.
She always listened to really alternative music and always complains about mainstream music.
She seems egocentric, but is actually one of the most non-egoist people I know.

I think she could be anything. I am an ISTP, my dad is an ESTP and my mom is an ENTJ.

These are the things that generally describe her. I've tried to type her but her personality is highly paradoxal. She does not have any psychological issues but she really tries to understand herself and tends to overthink and try to analyze her own personality. This frequently made her feel depressed and drove her insane at times.

Sorry for the long post, but I tried to describe her as accurately as possible. PLS HELP KIND MBTI ENTHUSIASTS. If you have any questions that could help you with the typing, please comment.

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She sounds SP

I am not some giant enneagram enthusiast so I will not pretend to be but even tho she has that brassy take over personality you're describing I wonder if that is more so her extroversion and possibly an 8 further out. I guess because some of her quirkiness sounds 3456 area.

Honestly I think she kinda sounds Estp, that whole in the face but questioning things sounds very instant Se followed up with Ti and then Fe. Also her ability to flick off strangers who are pricks makes me think TP. I know SFP can be a lot of these characteristics as well. I am more likely to flick off a prick stranger than my ESFP sis tho, she's more likely to get like revengeful if someone really upsets her. (Think tire slashing).

I would think tho if you're an Istp and your dad an Estp tho she would be jumping out at you more with it. But reasons I think it can be disguised is I really do think female Estps especially in younger years can on a superficial level appear more so oddly ENFJ characteristically. Because the Se & Fe placement being in reverse. Where as sometimes I think Estp male can be more so transparent based simply on like gender roles in society etc. A hormonal teenage female Estp can have some murky use of Se & Fe. While a hormonal teenage male Estp is probably going to often look very much the generic stereotype. A female teen to early 20 Estp to me is going to be somewhat a contradiction often I think because of that whole overstating and then reflection with Ti and Fe. As far as balance goes.

I really do not profess to know everyones type tho or be an expert at it. Off the surface tho I thought ExTP but leaned more so Estp based on what you were saying. But I do not know her in depth.

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ENTJ doesn't really seem to fit her, she sounds more like an ExTP
ESTPs often mistype as ENTPs, Se and Ne doms. So I'd suggest her taking the 'keys2cognition' test, would've linked it but I'm not able to do that still.

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Personally, she reminded me of an ENTJ because I read a list with her weaknesses and strenghts. It fits her more than ENTP or ESTP, because I kind of noticed that people, when they type, look at more superficial characteristics. She usually sets goals and always completes them, she can't tolerate when someone doesn't do their work properly, she has conservative values and she sets really high standards to herself and the people around her. That's why it's so difficult. She is just paradoxal as hell.

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I can't imagine her to be an Se-Dom. She is not impulsive, while being extremely extraverted and daring she would never cross her principles to indulge in physical excitement. She indulges in it if it doesn't have consequences, i.e. she is the first one to dance in the club, do other daring stuff, but never did one night stands, for example.
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