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Confused after months - ENFP, ENTP, ENFJ, now typed as INFJ and weird results! :|

Please help me determine my mbti type. I relate most to Ne, Fe, Ti, but don't match the ENTP persona, nor the XNFJ decisiveness/silent realizing type.


- I find myself confused between
ENFJ/INFJ: Don't have that decisiveness or steadfastness in one conclusion and not that long term like Ni-doms;
ENFP: My sense of right and wrong is based on my own as well as outside framework. And my feelings towards others fluctuate a lot. I am often ready to question/intellectualize/debate values which many Fi types would shoot me over for. I assume.
ESFJ: Judging from my young age behavior, I might be an Fe Si too. Maybe that is why I am noticing Ne and Ti at this age. But my Ti isn't so far away in practice, and Si-consistency is non-existent.
ENTP: Don't match the persona I read everywhere; am sensitive, easily hurt. But my childhood conformance and politeness acts as double-edged sword in this regard - Ne dom thus open minded (gullible too) since childhood; or Fe Si thus conforming and more readily ethical.
- always find myself giving others the benefit of doubt, being devil's advocate often.
- very noticeable when brainstorming, I can go very creatively wild, and at the same time very logical, also very ethically considerate Ne-Ti-Fe good development? IDK.
- Within a few seconds of facing a problem, I have an idea of solving it, and within minutes I have an idea with minimum feasibility. But this only started in 18-19 age, when I started becoming insecure of being NOT-SO-CREATIVE. That is why I suspect my Ne-domness.

- I cannot hold a grudge on people for long, cannot major stand misunderstanding about me, and cannot stay angry on people (for the most part). I am also readily warm to everyone though I don't go around spreading it.

Ti or Te?
I "plan" out very tiny details for each situations and with simulated variables. I often feel resistance starting something practically.
But I do see the model or basic formula on which things work - though when I am not focused on it. And find inconsistencies pretty easily in lingual terms and have a meta thinking tendency.
But I am not good with focused/deliberate reasoning. It hits me or it doesn't.
Don't find how something works unless it's useful for any practical use/ethical reasoning.

I am influenced by others opinions often. But yes, it has to pass a baseline logical requirement. Never reply with silence, always something courteous to say. But don't "want" to engage with others most of the time. My morals tend to be easily bendable given reasoning (Fe over Fi?).

I do feel extreme sense of anger if any clear injustice is done - not to me, but anyone. But that is also possible being Fe-user, right?

Please see if anything can be deduced from the above essay :p .

Maybe INFJ, but too indecisive and too Ne like conversations.
Too soft, warm, and caring-ish to be ENTP.
ENFP maybe not, have resistance doing just because I "feel" like it. But could be ENFP.

Maybe an ENTP with XXFJ righteous upbringing, was disconnected from peers/world mostly, religiously committed to being reasonable, rational, righteous?
Or maybe ESFJ?


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There are hints at mostly feeling, though nothing definite can be said based on this amount of information, I'm afraid.

Though the way you seem to be taking bits from the theory and seeing how you relate to it I associate with Fe/Ti approach to typology. It is like, you are aware that the categorization exists and seek for what fits, but instead of taking in the entirety of the system first you apply some parts of it in analysis of yourself and what seems like mostly reactions that are not necessarily indicative of your type, just other parts of your personality, reactions and experiences.

I can also see why you relate to Ne; it could be tertiary at least, to see if it is stronger it'd be easier if you expanded on some topic of your choice. You could also make a type me thread and fill a questionnaire if you haven't already... or if you do not trust that someone knowledgeable enough comes along to help you, you could read more on the topic on your own and see if you can figure it out. It is still more fun to be able to talk about it with someone though.

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to read all that.

In maths, I used to fall behind often, criticizing and logic proofing what the professor/teacher said - before accepting it. I grab "potential logical inconsistencies" that my notes are fulfilled with. "Well what happens if XYZ happens? Professors argument doesn't seem to apply there".

I am at my happiest when Ne is creating and when I am planning for some grand idea with tactics and strategies. I also love to get support from others - be it friend or acquaintance - a kind/supportive gesture makes me super grateful. I get the Ne indications when I have a new idea, I connect it, repair it, or cross-connect it, often seeing what each part may lead to again. But it's an expanding, connected process. Also, I often do not find many conclusions put forth by others, when it "sounds conclusive" to most people - in the absence of full evidence/indicating evidence. I become skeptic and "well, could be" or "possible". Have lots of maybe-s. (Ne?)
I often find it easy to understand how many mechanical systems work. I don't have any mechanical education.

For Ti/Ne, the linguistic patterns, similarities with other languages (i know two or three), subtle errors etc.
When studying, I cannot hold off one thing - my mind constantly scans for logical overlap / inconsistency / not-necessarily-true itches. Also have lots "that is not true because :abc: reason/fallacy. But it would/might have been true if xyz happened."

Areas of interest as you asked (lose / gain), in random order:
- Pyschology
- Business/social ideas (have a ton of novel ones, and pseudo novel ones)
- Fitness/strength training
- Self-improvement (mindset/habitual/skill based)
- Rationality and Islam

If someone who knows me is asked about my type, they will describe me as Fe, Ti, Ne (random order). I had the social image of super playful, cheerful, social, gullible kid during early teenage. How does an ENTP ever do that!
I also feel resistant "doing/going to" a new place or decision. I just feel so "careful". Si?

And I haven't filled up the questionnaire. Can you direct me to the questionnaire part?
Thank you again for replying.
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