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Help me understand the ISTP

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I'm new to this whole forum thing, I'm an ESTJ from the northwest of the United States. I have an INFP sister who baffles me and claims to despise me for my J personality trait. We're opposites on each personality trait, so no wonder there are some conflicts. I've noticed that ESTJs get kind of a bad rap in general. My main fault: I hate keeping secrets, and tend to humiliate myself further when I'm feeling judged. I don't know why, it's kind of nonsensical.

My main question though, is about the ISTP personality type, and particularly how they display love and affection. According to the personality profiles at least, the ISTP and the ESTJ are best suited for each other in a relationship.
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Hey, welcome aboard.

Check out the ISTP board for most of your questions.

For the quickest answer to your question though...You're going to want daily verbal affirmation that he loves you. He's going to be _showing_ you that he loves you, most times just by being with you.
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Yes, the ISTP I'm interested in definitely displays affection through a certain energy rather than telling me anything. It seems like we connect even more when someone or the whole world is irritating him and I'm acting as a buffer. I find it hilarious when other people don't understand just how much they are pissing him off. They just don't get him I guess...
What you need to know about ISTPs: they are hot badasses.
Welcome! ISTPs are awesome, but we're kind of like icebergs; most of us, the best stuff I might add, is below the surface. When we're in relationships, we tend to express ourselves through our actions, not words, which can confuse others at times.
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