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Would it be a fair generalization then to say that an ENFP is someone who will eagerly show you her positive emotions, but carefully hide or restrain anything negative, except to those she really knows and trusts?
Yes, precisely my point. I call our positivity as a defense of radiant splendor that encompasses us. It gives an illusion that we're bubbly creatures. Somehow society viewed people who are bubbly as dimwitted folks that just needed to be petted and hugged. When really we overwhelm individuals who have the chance to observe us on how limitless our capacity for mental observation becomes. You have to remember that the ENFP's main function is Ne. Ne is remarkably immense with this comprehensive sense to seek out new information to collect in the void. For as much as you see the tree up top soaking in the sun, there is also the same side of the tree in the dirt with an interminable amount of roots that lay burrowed and concealed. It can make for one odd old and twisted tree, yet with brilliant foliage of reflective light.

On one hand, people view me as a bubbly effusive blonde pixie when the right subject is brought up to spark my Ne into overdrive. In other times I'm the quiet but friendly mouse observing my world. You might even catch me muttering to myself in the hallway. Ne has to be expressed outward. I can keep up with most INTPs version of a mad scientist.

I always think of an ENFP and an INTJ like yin and yang. We use our sunlight to hide our dark thoughts and INTJs use their brooding dark side to hide that they have a very nice inner core. What makes us unique is that in both cases no one gets to view the other side of the yin or yang but only by a few chosen lucky souls. In away Ne being outward and bright like a star shielding a darker inner core and Ni darker external but brighter the further you go inward coming to a singular point of light.

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1) You are with a friend who is expressing a feeling. If you want to understand how she feels, in most cases do you:

a) Immediately understand her feeling without understanding how or why?

b) Have to think about her feeling and compare it to your own feelings to uncover fully all of meaning and nuance about how she feels?

B - I reflect inward before coming into action - however my action is quite quick ( years if experience and non stop introspection)

2) You are in a group of people who must agree on a course of action. Every person in the room except for you feels that some specific plan of action is moral and can be implemented for that reason. You feel the plan is immoral and should not be implemented. Do you:

a) Look to the way others in the group feel, and then calibrate your own feelings to achieve consensus with the group? This might mean that you are more willing to consider implementing the plan, in order to achieve consensus with the group.

b) Trust your own feeling about whether the plan is immoral and simply refuse to agree with the group no matter how many in the group feel otherwise?

I would persuade the entire group to see things my way by finding a common ground or example that I know for a fact that'll agree with. If im with a group of people who are hard headed and I know that I can't change their mind- I'm confident not saying anything ' I know my value and what's true to me no need to argue, however I wouldn't agree with the action and would excuse myself into the background or leave

If there are other questions to ask what are those. If there is a better way to word these questions what is that? I am also thinking of giving her an option to say how much she is of a) or b) for each question. So she might say 60% of a) and 40% of b), for example.

When comparing me and the entps in my life I think here is the biggest difference

Enfp - oh no I forgot to dry clean my bridemaids dress

Entp- who cares nobody will looking at you - they're only looking at the bride ( Fe thinking about other people)

Enfp ( will I offend the bride - she spent over hundred of dollars on this gown - and told me to get the dress dry clean before the wedding) fi - singular focus

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