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You seem like a reactive type. That would leave 4, 6 and 8. I think we can rule out 8 from your tritype based on what you wrote here.

Another thing would be that imo both 4 and 6 are in your tritype and my guess is that your gut fix is enneagram type 1, as you don't seem to favor any of the 8s or 9s motivations.

Overall tritype imo: 1-4-6 (which is my tritype as well. I'm a 6w7 1w2 4w5 and yes I can relate to a lot of things you mentioned in your initial post. If you wish I can go into details)

It is unclear to me what order your 1-4-6 has. Some things point towards being a 6 core, some towards 4 and some to 1.

If you wish an answer to your question, yes I as a 6 am detached and distant from others on the outside/have problem expressing myself, especially emotionally..its odd. I suck at networking and social stuff as well. So much better at questioning, figuring out the truth, answers to problems, etc. (minus figuring out my MBTI type..that one is proving to be a challenge).

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Please do elaborate.
c) I am confrontational when necessary. I am not one to back down from conflict. When conflict crops up I walk away from it, take a moment to understand and analyze the situation, and effectively come up with a solution which allows both parties to compromise.
<===this makes you not a 9.

9. Describe your orientation to: a) authority; b) power. How do you respond to these?

a) I am not very concerned about authority. If they are doing a great job, good, if not, I would criticize the systems and policies they enacted, and be done with it. As long as I get to maintain my autonomy and independence, and do not feel stifled by the system, I have fine just minding my own business.

b) I am unable to handle the responsibility that comes with power. I reject power, and I reject people in power who seek to control me.
<===this makes you not an 8.

By logic this means your gut type is E1. Of this I'm sure.

3. What do you hope to avoid doing or being? What values are important to you?

I avoid being unknowledgeable, hypocritical or fake. I value being sincere, genuine, self-aware, introspective and curious. To never take things as it appears on the surface, to be able to analyze. Questioning, seeking new information.
..and your answers above it are showing signs of E1, E4, E5 and E6, some E7. I don't think I need to elaborate on those.

4. What are your biggest fears (not including phobias)? Why?

To be rendered completely dependent on others, to completely lose my sense of self, and to lose control of my emotions. (Consequently causing me to become irrational)
This makes me believe you are self preservation first (SP).

6. What makes you feel your best? What makes you feel your worst?

I feel at my best when I receive acceptance and understanding, and when I receive recognition for my ideas and criticisms. I feel at my worse when my character and feelings are invalidated, and when my ideas and theories are completely shot down by other people, making me feel inferior and foolish.
Why do you want acceptance and understanding? The above makes you seem very dependent on other's perception of you, which contradicts parts of E4 and E5. Initially I was thinking 1-4-5, but then this came along and I noticed the pattern in your post, which made me think maybe E6 is a better choice then 5.

The other answers below seem to reinforce E1 E4 E5 and E6 and the whole post speaks of a reactive type, in which case you can't be E5 core.

The possible explanations are reduced to 4w5 5w4 (or 5w6) 1w9 || 6w7 (or 6w5) 4w5 1w9 and I think you are Sp first. (probably Sp/Sx)

While I do relate to you, esp to your outlook on life, the perfectionism, need for knowledge and questioning, shame, anger anxiety ( but I don't cry :) ), your needs etc etc <.< I am not you.

I can especially relate to wanting people to accept me the way I am. Its an ideal, one out of my control and no matter how much I'd want it...its a waste of energy worrying about or actively trying to make it work. Things outside of our control cause suffering when we attempt to influence them....always.

Also reality is what it is, no matter what my or your opinion on your type is :). So keep questioning.

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Thank you for the in-depth analysis. Well, I feel flawed in a sense and just want people to see my whole self, warts and all, and just like me for who I am? I do understand that it is impossible for one to understand me 100%. I don't exactly seek confirmation that people do like me, but when they do I feel more... normal, not like the mutated being that I think I am. (Internally) I guess I'm just avoiding misunderstanding and rejection, and I don't want people to have the wrong idea of me and be disappointed when they see the true me.

In regards to my ideas and theories it really only impacts me when I have worked on it for a long time and it meets my high ideals, and I feel happy when someone confirms that it was worth the effort I put into it, and miffed when someone shoots it down, especially if there is no concrete evidence or because of bias. I would accept constructive criticism though, but I do feel unhappy if I'm told the entire idea/premise is flawed.

I saw that you were an INFP for a period of time (I was lurking for quite some time before joining x) ), that could also be why you can relate to me, cause I'm INFP too. :)
o.o yeah...I'm probably INFP as well, I mean I keep coming back to it....not all that sure..but it seems like it.

Within the enneagram I originally mistyped as 4w5, then 9w1 then 5w4..very short spell of thinking I was a 2 and it took people 3 months to convince me I was a 6 (it was obvious I just decided not to see it). The descriptions aren't all that good either and I was in denial of many things. You are right no description will be 100% and people are just different from others even in the same type.

In this system it is the motivation that counts, figure out the motivation that drives you the most and you find your type (you may or may not be aware of it, I wasn't). Good luck, self exploration is always valuable.

You were very close with your original estimation imo.
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