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I have been curious about what Myers-Briggs type my best friend is for a while. I have asked him to take the test, but he never will. I probably would not have taken it if I had not stumbled on an article saying ESTPs are the most likely to be natural-born killers in war. Some behavioral attributes I can describe about him:

He most likely has ADD. (his mom tried to get him tested but he refused)

He will say he misses his family so we will go to his house and after 5 minutes he has fought with every one of them and is ready to leave.

We are always doing something outdoors and physical whether it is his idea or mine.

He has never had a job for a long period of time until he joined the Navy two years ago.

A funny story about me and him in class, a few of us were throwing a ball back and forth in class and I looked away and he threw it and hit me. I took the ball and did not throw it and just held on to it and went back to work and waited until he was not looking and was focusing on an assignment and threw it and hit him in the head. His glasses flew off and he cussed and stormed out of class all mad. Which I thought was pretty funny because I knew 5 minutes later we would be best buds again and forget all about it.

Another funny story is one night we saw his girlfriend's car and my friend had a suspicion that she was going to another guy's house so he told me to follow her. She was at the guy's house and as they were standing there talking we drove by as my friend yelled, "Have fun Miklynne!!!!!!" and flipped her off. Then, my friend said, "I need to do something to take my mind off it I'm so mad." So we drove to the football field and played catch with a football while I laughed about the whole situation as we talked about it.

We will hardly sit around and do anything for a long time without doing something else. He will want to go fishing so we will go and after 10 minutes he wants to go do something else.

We were both popular and he was liked by the girls, but when we would go out in public he would make me ask strangers questions for him. For example, we were eating chinese food and they were not filling up our waters and he would not flag down a waitress to ask for me and asked me to do it.

We would never make plans we would just do whatever we felt like after school and practice.

Once he started dating his girlfriend he would blow me off to hang out with her a lot.

When I told him that my girlfriend had cheated on me he offered to go to his house with me to fight him. (we didn't. We were both 18 at the time and the guy was 17, didn't figure it was worth going to jail over a girl who obviously didn't care about me.)

He is currently deployed and can only email. We hardly ever talk through email because we are both busy. Then he will call me when he is at port and we'll talk like nothing's changed.

He bought this Ford Bronco in high school that his dad would help us fix and then something else would break down, but he was interested in mechanical stuff about the car.

When he first got his license he would check the oil every single day. He would also put $5 in gas everyday instead of just $20 once which I found hilarious.

When I asked him if he would go skydiving with me he said no, but he is pretty adventurous.

When he was considering joining the military he was all about killing bad guys, but his girlfriend did not want him in combat so he took a non-combat job.

When I talked to him last he said he does not like not seeing action and might join the Marines but he was not worried about that he was just ready to get home and have sex with his girlfriend haha

We use to both pick on this kid every day at baseball practice mercilessly and he hated us but we thought it was hilarious.

Neither of us are really party animals in the sense of going out and drinking. We preferred to go out and do fun stuff that we could remember.

The more that I write I think he could be ESTP like me, but the Extrovert vs. Introvert thing is a big question because I would never not talk to a stranger. Especially if I needed water! Maybe we get along so great because we are both ESTP. I have another ESTP friend who acts just like me and we get along great. I just cannot put my finger on what my best friend is.
I could tell stories all day, but that should be enough for you personality junkies to diagnose.
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