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I had a bit of trouble typing my best friend. I believe she is an INTP ( like me) But I see a few differences between our way of thinking and I am not sure whether it is because we have developed our functions differently or maybe I've typed her wrong ?

Here it goes:

She concentrates very easily. She over-thinks social situations while when it comes to concepts she can just accept them. For me its the opposite. I get social situations and I don't care that much about them ( she likes her he hates her blah blah), while when it comes to concepts I need to know where it comes from and how the person that brought up that theory came to that conclusion I need to know why? my friend doesn't care why she only cares why about her friends.

She gets overly attached to people and is very nice to them but when making decisions she bases them on logic. I am independent, I have lots of friends which I usually cut off since they tend to feel connected to me but I really don't feel connected to them.In other words stable relationships vs unstable ( shes the only one that I can properly connect with because we have mutual understanding).

Before she says something she will think of peoples feelings but if they've crossed the line with her ( if they re being unfair or smth) she will tell them in the face. I am more moody one day I ll be very straightforward or more diplomatic depending on the person but at the end of the day they'll know what I think about them ( or they ll think im weird cause they didn't get what I said).

She acts like the psychologist of the group. She likes talking to people and giving them advice about their personal lives ( they usually ask her first) shes very happy to help all the time. I try to give advice if people ask me, but im nowhere near as patient or helpful. I ll say what I think and that's it. If its something about career I ll try my best to help because I know I can help, but if its something like a break up I ll just run away from the person. I know I can't deal with it. @[email protected]

what makes me think shes an intp:

she thinks a lot (she does say that I think too much though)
very smart
excellent at problem solving
she has the mad professor look ( so funny)
she doesn't take care of her appearance at all ( at least I try a little bit- doesn't that possibly indicate absence of Se ? not sure)
The best teacher
Very laid back and independent
Doesn't get offended by my dark humor
Can be socially awkward
Has a lot of close friends and very few friends that she just knows
She understands concepts easily ( I'm more like I don't understand the majority and then I realize before the exam that i actually do know the concepts)
She enjoys spending time alone.
Very open minded to most ideas

So is it likely that she is an INTP or have I mistyped her also these differences are just normal between types or is it due to me being a more immature INTP than her ? Thanks :)
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