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Help with an INFP-ISFP friendship?

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Need advice...please..

Well Hi there >.< My first forum topic but i'll get straight to the point...

I'm an INFP and well I have a friend and he's an ISFP but I really wanna be closer to him I suppose (not gay btw). He has a lot of things about him that I see would really help me. Aside from that, I want to help him too, he's not very bold in certain aspects of life that he told me he would like to be, I wanna help him with that but also I want him to open up to me as a friend. He definitely has best friend potential but it would take A LOT of work I think. So some things about him...

In short, recently I had 2 friends that were close usual (for me at least) of the 2 one was a guy and the other was a girl, the guy pretty much is now dating the girl (whom i liked A lot) and our friendship isn't the same now, (a triangle basically)...So this ISFP friend of mine I started hanging out with him more and he's really just so cool and I love him to death! But I'm still being cautious cause I don't want to mess up anything with him.

Just recently though there was a small one day trip to a location that was suggested by some higher ups for me and the other 2 (the ones i told you about before) to all go together on...I was displeased obviously because..pretty much those 2 en gorse each other constantly leaving me to dry and have no one to talk to or socialize with. (So why just not go you ask?) The people who suggested we go was going to pay for us and REALLY wanted us to go, I love them dearly and respect them a lot so going was a no brainer, but now the situation of these 2. To sum it up, the ISFP (did not want to go) but for my sake it was almost no question (almost) but he came to be there for me in the end. This made me so happy that he was willing to do this..

So he's pretty quiet but can get slightly chatty for like 3minute burst, but then quiet for a long time...
He's really reserved and private, doesn't really talk much about deep private stuff, especially his feelings

Any tips on how to get to a closer friendship with him? If you need any more details about him i'll try to answer them but I guess my question is what to do, and not to do, and what would help grow this INFP-ISFP friendship.

Also some things about me.. I can be very clingy, I'm the touchy feely type of INFP, Im very emotional, I a BIG (F) my main noticeable feature, I am a talker which is funny but I'm a Talker INFP (Introversion is my lowest percentage feature). I always want to know how things effect someone personally.

Thanks all replies welcome! :)
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Hi there..
I like to lurk on these forums but not so much post.. but no one has responded to your thread yet so I wanted to respond.
One of my best friends is an ISFP. Now the problem with this mbti stuff is I always never know if what I'm saying only applies to the specific person I know or the whole type.. but anyway.
We're close because she's a really good listener and I basically open up a lot of things to her. I know as INFPs we're always trying to look for something deeper.. and a lot of times I felt like I opened up so many things but she didn't do that. Don't take it personally or let that bother you too much (speaking to myself too here). I find ISFPs to be very independent.. as a clingy INFP that can be hard sometimes.. but they are pleasant to be around and so very nonjudgmental.
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I am a very chatty ISFP, I don't understand when people observe and say that ISFP's are quiet. Maybe I am the expection.
Anyway, how did you get closer to moi?
Be willing to take your time to bulid a foundation, I have to trust you somewhat first. Simply make me laugh, a few times at most. I love fun, and laughter. Don't give me serious topics until you have got my attention. I won't know how to respond to you, I wouldn't want to hurt you. So I will more than likely stutter my way out of it, or shrug.
Talk about my favourite stuff like music, or visual arts(films/tv), or art in general, if you know I draw.

Compliment me. I shy away at them, but I will then have some kind of appreciation for you, because you have noticed me. As hellogoodbye said, I am very independent, so don't take me going off and doing my own thing as being rude. I am simply taking time out.

If you have any questions, 'cause I have ran out of things to say. I know female ISFP's are different from male ones, but it's better than nothing. :tongue:
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