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Does someone have interest to help me to identify these personalities? They are friends of mine who have done the MBTI test but whose test results really confused me with their "inappropriateness". They seem to be behaving and perceiving the world in a totally opposite way than the test suggests.

1. "Susan"

- A Literature student in her mid twenties.
- She loves books, writing and animals.
- In addition to this, she loves music and is always heading for some new gig. Music festivals and gigs seem to be the best source of energy for her.
- She feels everything VERY strongly. Her Facebook wall is full of posts of her showing her joy, anger, sadness, frustration, love etc. for different things.
- She's very concerned about the rights of disabled people, elderly and sexual minorities. Seems to be very compassionate.
- But, she's also a very prone to the mob mentality. For example, her friends don't like refugees and Muslim people at all, and she seems to have adopted this mentality as well. (Though she's usually very compassionate).
- She moved to a new country without certainty of having a job or a school place. She doesn't seem to have problems with moving from social milieu to another.
- She sees her former home country in a very negative light but seems to quite idealistic about her new home country and ignores to see its con sides. She has quite strong ideas about what is good and appropriate and what is not.

2. "Mike"

- 25-30 years old
- He has two degrees already from two different fields. Now he's studying information technology.
- He's a very cheerful and humorous person. He has a very licentious type of humor.
- He's also a very open person. Doesn't mind talking about the negative sides of his life, either.
- He's not also very shy to show his affection and admiration. If he likes someone, he let them know that.
- He's quite sensitive to the influences of other people. For example, if his friends call and ask him to drink with them, he will go, no matter how ill or tired he is feeling.
- He's quite lazy, too. He has no interest in studying, exercising, having hobbies etc.
- He's quite relaxed with his relationships. For example, if his date is not interested in him in a romantic way, he's still willing to from a friendship with her.
- He doesn't take himself too seriously and is very open for new experiences.

NB! I'm doing this mostly for the sake of procrastination, so no worries, I'm not basing my whole world view on this conversation. ;P
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