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HELP with my personailty type, im thinking I*FP

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Hi, I'm fascinated with ideas about people such as Myer Briggs and I can't believe I've only just discovered it. I've done quite a few online test and they all seem to give different answers. The most in depth test I did was from 16 personalities and it said INFP, researching that I'm not sure if it feels right or if ISFP does. I've included some extra information to help as the curiosity is nagging me, perhaps I Just want to be an ISFP?

I'm very creative, I create every chance I get, I'm always up for trying a new medium.
I don't fit into the average society at all. I don't push my way out, I just quietly exist and always seem to be on my own path.
I don't socialise at all, If its a new situation or someone I don't know I'm very quiet however if its someone I'm comfortable with I can talk forever. Right now, I don't have any friends and aside from bursts of loneliness which pop up, I'm ok with it
Most people feel like they're not comfortable coming up to me apparently I have a 'stay away vibe' but when people do see me talking I'm friendly and non judgemental. Maybe people judge the cover? I have an undercut and tattoos.
I'm very emotional, I cry a lot because I get stressed a lot and I don't handle it well.
as I'm a single mother, I try to be organised with a planner and a calendar but it never works out. I buy things because they look cool and then never use them because I never seem to write anything down.
I don't travel much partly from lack of funds but also because I'm usually happy at home, doing something on my own.

I don't know what else to put here or if any of this helps? I'd either go on with everything ad write a novel or barely say anything lol.

I hope I get replies soon, it would be awesome to know which type I am
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Well, the test at 16personalities is very excluding to explorers or artisans. As you can see in many of the descriptions, "Explorers" are said to be creative AND practical, and questions like "You see yourself as more practical than creative" creates false answers because of this.

ISFPs can easily mistest as INFPs on 16personalities. "You see yourself as a dreamer" is a question an ISFP and an INFP would agree to, yet disagree is the option that makes you more sensor. A lot of the people I know who took the test at 16personalities and got an "Explorer" type have most likely mistyped, and feel they did not get the right result.

I think you're an ISFP. However, this is just a thought. I would advise you to learn the cognitive functions and take several tests to learn better. The Research Test at is good, and have several tests too.

Some of the key-differences between INFPs and ISFPs:
* INFPs may overlook the details, while ISFPs are very perceptive and patient with details.
* INFPs are good with language, whereas ISFPs like to keep their language in simple terms.
* INFPs are more serious, whereas ISFPs are more easygoing.
* INFPs love to discuss ideas, while ISFPs would rather do something than just talk.
* INFPs focus on what could be, ISFPs focus on what is.
* INFPs are more poetic, ISFPs are more aesthetic.
* INFPs are live mostly in the future, but also in the past, while ISFPs live in the moment.
* INFPs are usually more organized than ISFPs.
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