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Helping An INFJ Identify An ENFP In Public

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So I Marco Polo (video message app) an INFJ that lives down in northern California, I've mentioned her in passing previously. Last night she asked me how she as an INFJ can identify an ENFP, particularly ENFP males, in public as she really wants to date one of us but needs to find us.

It was an interesting question. I came to the conclusion that in public, especially in a social sphere (RE: party), we would *appear* to be similar to ESTPs. The life of the party.

But I also felt that if we were single and fascinated by INFJs (as many of us are) we would seek them out for a one-on-one chat and then discuss real issues, not 'small talk' or at least minimize the 'small talk'.

Also, I project outwardly my interests reflected in my clothing (most of which is Stranger Things, Back To The Future, Top Gun, Zelda, themed stuff) and my apartment is a veritable museum of my interests. Movie and video game memorabilia and pop culture themed quirky art is all over the walls. I figured that might be shared with many ENFPs and help her identify us.

Anything to add?
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Why do you want an ENFP when you can have me? ;)

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