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Yes that is for sure. He is in his second year of a Biomedical Engineering degree but is starting to feel trapped and wants to switch to a Music major, or just something else in general. He has a lot of creativity. It might be possible that he's an INTP. He seems to fit in with either INTP or INTJ.
I left my Business Admin major at the end of my second year. I switched to Creative Writing. The last two years of college were my best and most enjoyable....writing and spent a third of my credits in philosophy classes.

It didn't "pay" at graduation time and now I am finishing a doctorate in education....because that is where life has led.

I took a few creative writing classes and didn't even think of switching until after that experience. The boost of confidence I needed was 1) asking a creative writing professor if she felt I had enough talent/skill worth the change and 2) family, especially my brother (3 years older) who supported me in the change.
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