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"Let it go, it is not a sin to fight for the right cause. There are those who words alone will not reach."

"You are gentle, you do not like to hurt, I know because I, too, have learned these feelings. But it is because you cherish life that you must protect it."

"Please, drop your restraints, protect the life you love."

If you lose yourself, do not justify it with trying to make it okay. You are only teaching yourself to continually lose yourself if you are unhealthy.

Justify it with learning how to recover, then find the difference of your inner being's unhealthiness, and healthiness. You will then learn to embrace who you are, with a sense of understanding how to teach yourself to recover, easier and easier.

Those who inflict before caring is a sign. Do you express hate, anger towards people, or do you learn to forgive others and yourself?

Do you learn to be okay with what you feel?

To the corrupt:

You think you rank up because you know how to hurt, but this only makes you weak, because you're not strong enough to conquer your fears, insecurities. You succumb to the darkness.

Power is not strength. Power is trying to be better than those around you because you are afraid that someone else may be better than you. Power leads you to lose yourself, and find yourself in a place where you are not remembered for the good you've done.

Through power struggle, those you think respect you will turn on you in the end, anyway. If you're a corrupt powerful leader, you're teaching others the same. They will find their way, or continue with the power struggle. This really does not lead to anything good. This does not lead to anything effective.

Justice will bring these people down.

There is such thing as neutral, balance.

Though, if you're afraid of who you are, how can you balance yourself out in the first place.


Learn to not be afraid of who you are. Seek inside of yourself for balance. If you find yourself desiring power, deny it. Make selfless sacrifices for others and not just for your own accomplishments. Find balance, accomplish the good that you desire.

And my words will make you think based on your own mind. I cannot read your mind, I just understand the solutions to guide you.

As to direction, you make the choices you make. You are entitled to yourself and your path.

This is why they say "You must help yourself first". And do not be afraid if you are unhealthy. If you are bad for those you love, tell them what really hurts. Those you trust, let them in with what you are comfortable letting them in with. When you let your loved one in, they may understand and it will be harder for you to hurt them. Because people are afraid of what they do not understand, so make those you love understand, so they are no longer afraid of you.

Question yourself, what exactly makes you angry? Why do you end up hurting by accident, or even, if this is the case, on purpose?

And if those you love cannot understand, keep trying, or question the relationship. Question where you are today.

With all of this, you can make you and your relationship more secure, safe, and progress much easier, with more smiles.

Every person's vulnerabilities are their naked state, naturally hidden in fear.

When you can be free with your loved one, or your best friend, if you are single. You become more productive in what you care about. You become more yourself and less afraid.

It's time to stand up and be okay with who you are, and how experience has shaped you.

"The end is set, and so is the beginning
Rather die as a lion, than live as a dog
Rather go with a blast, and then fade to the fog
To dream all night long, and awake at a bog
Evil feeds on good, who breeds evil again".
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