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Here's what you need to know about your MBTI

I've written this in lots of different posts here and there, but maybe I'll just throw this up here and see what everybody thinks.

Your MBTI is based on how you prefer to interact with your environment, and how you see yourself. That's all. It isn't written in stone, and it does not define you, in point of fact, you define it.

How did you get these preferences? How come you tend to use them over all the others?

When you were very little, you were exploring all around you. You were a sponge, taking in everything. The world was BIG, and it kept getting BIGGER the further you pushed your way into it. You picked up on things. You found what worked best for you, and you stuck with those things.

The more you used them, the more you began to claim them. The more they helped you figure things out and make sense of everything. They became comfortable to you. They made relating to yourself, your environment, and others, feel like a cool sheet in summer, and a warm blanket in winter. You found security in them, and they somehow helped you understand yourself a little better too.

As you got older, you learned other functions. Sometimes they worked better than the ones you preferred, but when things really get serious, you always go back to the what's familiar, what best. What works for you.

MBTI is that comfortable feeling you have when you can make sense of what's going on. When you're in your "zone," whatever that is for you. Things feel right. Whether everything has a place, or chaos reigns. When you're on your game, you're like a jedi/sith using the Force. Your preferences are an extension of yourself and you inhabit them like a comfortable pair of jeans.

Sure, there are times when it all falls apart, and you can't seem to find your way, but those times are just as important as everything else. You learn, you grow, and you regain your footing and figure it out; then you get back to where you need to be.

So when you say you're "XXXX," remember, it is
not something pre-defined by others and out of your control:

It is how you prefer to interact with the world
It is how you prefer to see yourself
It is how you prefer others to see you

That's what's truly important. Everything else is just someone trying to sell you something you don't need to buy. Don't put your MBTI before you. You are more than just your type. Your type is just a tool to help you better understand yourself.
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