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Hi, I've been having some trouble typing someone close to me, as he seems to be a bit emotionally immature... and makes me angry on a daily basis, which sometimes clouds my perception of him. I also suspect he may be a bit emotionally abusive and manipulative.

  • is very stubborn and doesn't accept other people's opinions
  • gets angry very easily
  • likes to insult others, but is extremely sensitive himself
  • doesn't make much attempts to understand others
  • doesn't listen to other people's opinions
  • believes he is better than others
  • likes to control his environment
  • often spaces out and changes topics very quickly
  • values work, money and stability the most
  • has trouble expressing emotions
  • protective
  • pretends to be friendly in front of strangers, but is different in private
  • doesn't like sport
  • likes action/violent movies
  • doesn't have a good sense of direction
  • doesn't care about fashion/aesthetic features around him
  • is practical
  • has his own set of rules

If this isn't enough information or is too biased, feel free to ask me questions. :wink:

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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