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Hey ENFP, what types have you dated?

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I'm wondering if I can detect a pattern in the way we ENFPs date, or if it really is just random.
There has been a couple who haven't been typed and won't be listed (Or they lasted less than a week), but generally all my SOs and even exs were happy to take the MBTI test.

I've Dated:
- An ENTP: The description for a comparative relationship were dead-on. We've remained besties, but we always get on each other's nerves.
-An ENFJ: Terribly frustrating. Like an ENFP that won't let any real emotions out.
-An INTP: Interesting. Supposedly an iceberg, but in actuality total mushball.
-An ISTP: D'awww. I <3 my ISTP. They're ridiculous. I can't even explain my love for ISTPs in general. They're eternally fascinating. They all always look like they're thinking something crazily deep, but usually they aren't thinking a thing or about how something works. They're like a puzzle an ENFP can't figure out, but never grows frustrated by.

So what other types (Confirmed or assumed) have you dated, my fellow, and lovable, ENFPs?
What were your general interactions with said types?
Do you have a particularly favored type?
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Not to sound overly analytical...but define dating for me? lol
As in actual established relationship? or people you just dated around/had flings with (and if so, single, multiple occasions, etc.)? Does it have to be exclusive? Or can it be an open relationship?
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