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Hey ENFP, what types have you dated?

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I'm wondering if I can detect a pattern in the way we ENFPs date, or if it really is just random.
There has been a couple who haven't been typed and won't be listed (Or they lasted less than a week), but generally all my SOs and even exs were happy to take the MBTI test.

I've Dated:
- An ENTP: The description for a comparative relationship were dead-on. We've remained besties, but we always get on each other's nerves.
-An ENFJ: Terribly frustrating. Like an ENFP that won't let any real emotions out.
-An INTP: Interesting. Supposedly an iceberg, but in actuality total mushball.
-An ISTP: D'awww. I <3 my ISTP. They're ridiculous. I can't even explain my love for ISTPs in general. They're eternally fascinating. They all always look like they're thinking something crazily deep, but usually they aren't thinking a thing or about how something works. They're like a puzzle an ENFP can't figure out, but never grows frustrated by.

So what other types (Confirmed or assumed) have you dated, my fellow, and lovable, ENFPs?
What were your general interactions with said types?
Do you have a particularly favored type?
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ESFP - passionate, so much attraction, great conversations, but at times he came across shallow and would try too hard to get along with everyone and he always had be center of attention. I felt like I couldn't keep up with his energy, and I almost felt competitive with him in a way which is a side I didn't like in myself. We wanted different things from life so it was for the best it ended, but overall I'd it went well.

INTP - He came from an abusive family so I don't know if all of his traits fit typical INTPs or just his situation, but he was very hot and cold. He could be very caring and mushy sweet, and then he would get distant and even cruel and try to play mind games, and try to control me (and other people who cared about him) He expected me to be there for him when he needed me, but didn't always want to (or maybe was unable) be strong for me in return.... The good was very good though. It just was unpredictible.

ESTP - Fun. Better off as friends. Plain and simple. No romantic chemistry at all.

ENFJ - Started off very nicely, he was very sweet and caring, but a bit too emotional for me, though that wasn't a deal breaker, but he could get clingy and possessive and that doesn't sit well with me at all.

ISTP - Good balance of strengths and weakknesses. We converse well, we entertain each other, there is passion and we have the same core values. We often come to the same conclusions but get there in completely different ways, which is interesting. I do wish he was a bit more in touch with his feelings. He shows his love in practical ways more than romantic ways, I wish he was a BIT more romantic. He can be though, he just has to work at it.
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No ISFP? :(

I'll find one of you...someday.
If I wasn't married (to an ISTP) and was looking, I'd have to say ISFP would be the type I'd try to find, just by description however, seeing as how I've not actually known any in real life. An ISFP, but with a strong T.
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