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Hey ENFP, what types have you dated?

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I'm wondering if I can detect a pattern in the way we ENFPs date, or if it really is just random.
There has been a couple who haven't been typed and won't be listed (Or they lasted less than a week), but generally all my SOs and even exs were happy to take the MBTI test.

I've Dated:
- An ENTP: The description for a comparative relationship were dead-on. We've remained besties, but we always get on each other's nerves.
-An ENFJ: Terribly frustrating. Like an ENFP that won't let any real emotions out.
-An INTP: Interesting. Supposedly an iceberg, but in actuality total mushball.
-An ISTP: D'awww. I <3 my ISTP. They're ridiculous. I can't even explain my love for ISTPs in general. They're eternally fascinating. They all always look like they're thinking something crazily deep, but usually they aren't thinking a thing or about how something works. They're like a puzzle an ENFP can't figure out, but never grows frustrated by.

So what other types (Confirmed or assumed) have you dated, my fellow, and lovable, ENFPs?
What were your general interactions with said types?
Do you have a particularly favored type?
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Not to sound overly analytical...but define dating for me? lol
As in actual established relationship? or people you just dated around/had flings with (and if so, single, multiple occasions, etc.)? Does it have to be exclusive? Or can it be an open relationship?
All, any of the above. I thought this was about ENFPs and being intimate with other types.
hmm...ISTPs seem very loved by ENFPs , i'm jealous...Common some ENFP tells that she had a great relationship with an ESTP :D.
My sister is an INTP I can attest to the hard shell corrective attitude with a mushy center. That is so INTP! :) I think they're so militant against emotions because they're so gushy.
That sounds nice, actually. I think there's an extreme attraction between ENFPS and the hard exterior/soft interior types. We like the challenge of seducing them into showing their soft candy emotions. :tongue:
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That sounds nice, actually. I think there's an extreme attraction between ENFPS and the hard exterior/soft interior types. We like the challenge of seducing them into showing their soft candy emotions. :tongue:
Trufax to the max! :D Oh my gawd you nailed it.
I only actually "dated" an ESTP but golly, did i fall hard.
I just have this ultimate weakness for the showy, hard tough exteriors that people might call dicks and douches but end up taking down the shell and end up being the most romantic and squishy people ever. They've just been waiting for someone genuine all this time.

I don't seriously fall for people very often. But I fall hard if i'm really feeling the guy. And it's never "logical". I've been asked out my fair share by guys who have all been completely awesome, but i hate to admit it, I get bored easily and unless i'm really fascinated, i know i'm gonna end up half-assing the relationship and i'd rather not do that D:

The guys i end up falling for have little unexplainable unique ism-s about, maybe it's the way they talk or the way their minds work, quirkiness, a little facial twinge or something, but usually the people i take a serious interest in are never the typical bombshells that everyone is fawning over.
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IS_P - very sweet (esp ISFPs), the toughest thing was not hearing verbal affirmations enough, not hearing much words in general. Wonderful to be with but emotionally difficult if in physical distance, especially if they are more verbally introverted...I don't think I could deal with a long-distance relationship easily with this type.
INTP - so many friends, but haven't found one I am physically attracted to yet.
INFP - I keep meeting ones that are emotional wrecks for some reason...theoretically it sounds like a nice fit.
ESTP - I've had good ESTP friends but I tend to get offended really easily by ESTPs...I can't imagine this happening for a long time.
ESFP - Fall hard for them, but I usually feel like I need to clamp down on them because they seem to be some of the few that are flakier than I am!
INFJ - kinda like with INFPs, but I really like INFJs and I think an emotionally healthy one is a good fit for me.
ENTP - this has never worked for me, although become close friends instead frequently, the one I was in a relationship with was emotionally difficult to deal with -the Fe pressure sucked too.
ISFJ - have been really attracted but was socially tough, a lot of expectations.
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For me, INFJ is very insightful and I appreciate their input so much but my mom is an INFJ so I feel like I couldn't date one simply because I already have one in my life. It's the introverted judgment that while is so insightful can cut so deeply and destroy me to my very core. I don't think I could handle that from a significant other especially one that is always right.
My last serious relationship was with an INTJ. Holy Christ, what a disaster that was! I was initially attracted to his intelligence and his seriousness. We clashed repeatedly, I couldn't understand his lack of communication and insensitivity, he couldn't understand my emotions. He was also a horrible listener, which is my biggest pet-peeve. He was also a widower with no ability to process his own feelings of loss.
My fiance is an ESFJ to the max (I just tested him. He's never taken a personality test and I was always very curious).

We work out pretty well, because even though we handle things IN THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE MANNER, we still have a lot of hobbies and interests in common. One that that always bugged me, though, was that he tends to be more quiet and slow when expressing his opinion on certain things, and sometimes, I feel like he's just shutting me out. We've established, however, that he isn't used to being pressed for information and doesn't remember that I feel hurt when he isn't open to sharing, and that...well, I'm impatient and nosy.
I don't know the types of most of the girls I've been involved with, but the girl I fell the hardest for is an ESFP. She's pretty cool and we actually still get along. She's of the nicest, sweetest people I've ever met and has a great sense of humor.
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