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Hey everyone :) newly discovered INFP here

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Not going to lie, was pretty skeptical of the mbti at first.

but I started reading more into my type and others who were the same and it's so creepy how much it was like reading something I would write, almost exactly how i would put it.

anyways! enough rambling.
how's everyone doing tonight? :)
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Wow! wasn't expecting so many replies.
Nice to meet all of you! :)
I'm a bit tired at the moment though but figured i'd check up on this because I had forgotten >.<

but i'll get back to everyone individually soon!
>.< I take so long to get back to these things. Sorry for the late responses.

Thanks though! I haven't personally talked to any INFP guys that I know of, i'm curious, what's dating one like? :p
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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