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New to PerC, familiar to the functions and MBTI.

I don't know if I'll be able to introduce myself properly as time doesn't suffice - I'll keep adding, and if you can help me aim, then that's even better. (Are there any questionnaires here?:confused:).

I'm confused because MBTI starts classifying people as Thinkers and Feelers, I'm young so It's probably safe to conclude (or at least consider) that my functions haven't developed properly. It's common for people to misunderstand me because I have a hard time formulating what's going on inside my head. When I have time I create my own anologies and draw facts almost from seemingly nothing and people seem surprised by this. I'm good at interpreting hidden meanings and I'm somewhat drawn to the mystical and sad things (only music). While I rarely express my emotions I can always sense and understand peoples' behaviour, but rather empathic than sympathethic.

If anything, I'm good at seeing things from different angles, lots of things I'm bad at - might come to that. Sometimes I wander off in my head into a more fantasylike world, ignoring everything around me. This leaves me pretty unaware of things happening around me, I do manage to avoid lampposts and cars.

I don't like wasting time, and I'm always trying to do the most efficient out of every situation. I usually take on the leaderrole if nobody does - (even though I'd like to everytime because I know how to get things done). My room is frightfully organized, I can't really cope with people moving things because I want to know where everything is.

Shame is probably what affects me most, I used to be somewhat emotional or concerned about what other people think of me. Now I just don't, could have to do with emotional maturity.

If there's anything to add -- questionnaires, tests -- everything appreciated. I'll add some more later.

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There is a questionnaire, here.

"Thinker" and "Feeler" might resonate more if thinking (Ti or Te) or feeling (Fi or Fe) is your primary function. You might happen to be primary Intuitive or Sensor, too.
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