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I posted my intro in the wrong section so here is where I correct myself by posting in the appropriate area Ha!

Lately I have been spending time on PC relating and learning about not only my type but others as well. Many of the threads on this site have been worthwhile reading so I'm dipping my feet into actually interacting with people on this site like minded or not. Every time I took the test online the results of ENTJ were displayed and at first I questioned the accuracy of the test because my initial self-assessment was INTJ. Mainly by comparing myself from a purely social aspect and i'm not currently the most social of the people I socialize with. After thinking about this I thought of it from a spectrum perspective as if a scale of I-E instead of I or E. Well here you go this is a prime example of what others would say is over-analyzing, meanwhile i'm saying they just don't analyze enough. Mother=Suspected ENTJ , Father=INTJ tested. My age is 21. So there it is folks take it or leave it.

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