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Hey there, Infjs. In need of some assistance, plox. :3

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I can't explain who my other half is without getting personal, so I would rather avoid that so instead, could any of you please explain to me what an Infj male is like and how you know you are with one or know one? Thank you!
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Value driven, overly complicated at times when a simple answer is in plain sight, caring and kind, different, deep, emotional but guarded, observant, intuitive, idealistic, hopeful, future-oriented. Excellent non-verbal communication.

I don't run into many infj males. I would say that when I do run into an infj, it's more a vibe that I detect. For example, I helped a fellow INFJ with some schoolwork, and after a while, she sat there puzzled thinking "how do you get me? Nobody gets me." She never said it out loud, just with her eyes.

However, not every INFJ is a type 4 or sx/sp so I don't expect them all to behave like me. That's why I stuck to general characteristics.

Also, if you want to kearn more about the INFJ, there are some excellent articles in the subforum "INFJ Articles". (do they have these in every type?)

I thought the article about how stress brings out the hidden personality of the infj was excellent.
Awesome, thank you :) Would an Infj do anything for their lover, even if the lover is being mean or cruel to them, would they still feed them or look out for their well being?
Depending on the circumstances, I can see a few different routes that I could take:

1. Still be there for them even with the abuse - The point here is that if I can know that the meanness or cruelty is coming from an illness that isn't really the person, then I may still well be there for my lover. I can probably even take through some tough times for a while and weather the storm though I'd think this is more to do with my Social Style and Enneagram type than MBTI.

If there is a valid reason for behavior, any personality type is capable of loving the unlovable. There are certainly cases of elderly couples dealing with the challenges of Alzheimers and dementia. However, I don't see a healthy INFJ ever getting into a harmful relationship in the first place. We tend to have fairly good intuition about people. I can be fooled by a very skilled person, but there aren't that many socially-skilled people in the world.

I also think some of this transcends personality type and delves into questions of mental disorders and general intelligence.
I should have written "unloved", rather than "unlovable". Some people are easier to love than others. There are also people that are simply difficult to love. I would suggest that idealists often are able to see good in others that is not always readily visible. This may make it easier for an NF to care for another person. However, this isn't to say that one type is more or less caring than another, or that one type has the humanitarian market cornered.
Hey hey, everyone is lovable, though :( or at least I think so >.<
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