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ummm where to start...
i've been reading this forum for about a year now, its very comforting reading other people's thoughtful opinions and reading opinions from seemingly like minded people (something that's rare for me) so i jumped in and joined..
my name is victor,you can call me by my name or screen name.. im 24 and from san jose california (sf bay area) i just move to corpus christi tx after i finished college..umm.. i have a degree in teaching and world history and im in the beginning stages of going to school for city planning and minor in political sciences (im a lifelong learner.. i like to make sure i have a lot of "tools" at my disposal :wink: ) i love music...LOVE music and i come from 6 generations of professional musicians. i play the drum, bass, lead guitar and vocals although im really shy about doing the vocals i will admit... i'll give all music a try and look up any suggestions you may have except modern country (sorry... its pop, there's nothing country about it) ummm... IRL im not a man of many words.. i've hesitated from joining the site because from what i've learned infj's are very adept to written communication and i... am not.. my talents are in the moment thats all i have to say and i look forward to great discussions and learning from all of you :happy:

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