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Hi my name is Entp and I'm an Eric. I don't know what it is but ever since I took this dumb personality test on some stupid Facebook spam link on my news feed - I've become obsessed like really really really OBSESSED over personality types. I think it's just natural ENTP tendency to have an intense thirst for the meaning of everything - hence so many god damn philosophers such as socrates, voltaire, machiavelli, hume, bertrand russell, karl , john stuart mill, edmund burke are all ENTP. I mean I would totally be a philosopher too if it weren't for the completely shit salary - and the fact that my academia/intellect is too useful to waste on philosophy. But imho ENTPs all pretty much personality dorks - so glad to finally meet other nerds fascinated by personalities!

Man these emojis are really weird lol. :kitteh::rolleyes::laughing::happy::frustrating: Why are they all gray penis heads??? I'm so confused... oh those are ears... ah, I see now!

Sorry got off track. Anyways, the personality types have really helped me discover myself and others - I can now see an entirely different logical spectrum for everyone and it's amazing! I learned things I never realized about myself: like how I love to argue, that i get bored really easily, or that I'm very blunt with expressing my feelings. I got so into it that I just had to survey literally everyone in my life for their personality type and found really interesting results. I realized how people with the same type are actually really similar. I also discovered how different type-type relationships interact- so finding friends/SO can be viewed in a much more logical and reasonable method. This makes it sooooo much easier to find people that you'd have good chemistry with and is very useful in developing healthy relationships. I look forward to sharing my self-discoveries along with all of my fellow personality geeks! :crazy: <- now that's a really creepy face lol.

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