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Hi everybody, Good to be here, From Monterrey Mexico / My post at Science and Tech

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Hi everybody, Good to be here, From Monterrey Mexico / I have a post at Science and Technology:

Atypical InFlow Turbo-Rotary Thermodynamic Tech
GEARTURBINEPROJECT Retrodynamic DextroRPM VS LevoInFlow Ying Yang Thrust Way Type Non Waste Looses
Have the same simple basic system of the Aelopilie Heron´s Steam Turbine device from Alexandria 10-70 AD
8 XY cycle way steps
With Retrodynamic dextrogiro vs levogiro effect Rotor-RPM VS InFlow front to front Collision-interaction Type
Form-function wide cilindrical shape continue kinetic inertia positive tendence dynamic mass motion The rotary motor weight is going with the circular motion power thrust
Non waste parasitic looses system for cooling lubrication & combustion
Combustion 2Two continue circular flames
2 Two very long captive compression inflow propulsion conduits
4 Turbos inside active
Mechanical direct 2two planetary gears thurst inside in a bigger shell total lever
The most innovative motor engine project today Higher efficient percentage :rolleyes: :wink:
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Welcome to the forum.
howdy and I hope you have a great time in these forums!
hi, no idea what your post says but welcome. Ive driven past Monterrey a couple times, its a pretty big place from the looks of it.
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