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Hi, some of you may have seen me posting a bit here and there in the past month, but I haven't properly introduced myself here until now. I think the order of cognitive functions in my signature is probably right in case you want to look.

I wish I could read all the posts on the website but I'm quite conscious of how short life can be and of how many posts are on the forum. If only it were possible to stop aging.

I've got hooked on this personality stuff at the moment because it's a good way of identifying various psychological problems. For example, I've just discovered why I'm so "weird" according to some. Here it is:

Firstly, perhaps because of my quest for self-improvement, my Ti is so well developed that it most often takes over when I'm in a low energy situation (which is incidentally most of the time).

Secondly, I have Te as my next function, which means I "think too much" (which I've indeed heard so many times), because it actually does work with Ti and make me a "man of logic".

Thirdly, I also seem to have a lot of Ne, which most often likes to work with the Se to create something known as "epicness". I'm sure anyone who has relatively high Se+Ne knows this very well. Also sometimes the Ne can work with the Ti and turns me into an INTP quite often.

I do have a very good memory. ESTPs are known for good memories I think, even though my Si function is kind of mediocre.

My Fe function is the next one to work on in my personal development, still quite low because I can find myself "caring what people think" which, under closer scrutiny, is actually "caring how I think people feel" - it's just on the barely liminal area at the moment (between conscious and subconscious).

My Ni funtion is stereotypically low. I've heard it described as "about the box". I have a sort of admiration for INFJs and INTJs for seeming to have a very clear idea of what constitutes "the box" and its borders. I also need to work on this a lot to get more mature.

And finally my Fi function seems a bit variable although I think it's most likely buried deep in my "id monster" (Forbidden Planet 1956 reference).

I often think of really good quotes, so here's one: "The game can be won or lost and played many times, so the important thing to remember is, you don't just get one chance to win the game. You get as many chances as you make. But remember, no win or lose ever lasts forever"

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Jeez, you're one of the most unique sounding ESTP's I've ever come across... Lol
Hope this forum helps you find whatever answers you need!

Hey, look at that! Our Tritypes are similar. Cool!

Welcome to the Forum!!
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