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I don't really know what else to say. I'm 23 and finally figured out why I do the things I do. I always thought I was just "stuck in my head" and it really bothered me. It especially bothers my husband, because he complains that I hardly ever talk, and I find it difficult to explain to him why. I usually narrow it down to "I think a lot: mostly random things, and they really aren't worth the bother talking about." or in other words, I theorize, or daydream, and he wouldn't really be able to contribute to what I come up with. Hes a straight-forward, say it like it is kind of guy; not really the theoretical or metaphorical type. Ha! We actually make a great team this way :D

Anyway, I was always the "quiet one" in school. Since I am a lady (insert British accent here), I was really the oddball. People thought I was either snobby, or I was into drugs and kind of an outcast deal. I was neither of those things! I was just too scared to talk, afraid of rejection, or being looked at like I was weird. My self esteem issues didn't help the matter, either.

So I suffered through school and finally graduated in 2009. Since then I've worked a couple different retail jobs. I work one now, and I HATE it! I get so exhausted dealing with people and pretending that I care about their problems. Getting into retail was a mistake (but the only option I have right now) and it's taking a toll on me.

The reason I even took a personality test was to figure out what career I would like. I've been researching into different careers long before I even entered high school, and I STILL haven't found anything that would meet my dream job requirements. But that, my friends, is a topic that deserves its own post somewhere around here.

Sorry for that long introduction... as you can see my social outlet is the internet. Lol.

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