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Hi everyone! :)

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Hello :) I'm new here, fascinated by this whole system! I've found it really helpful for others and enjoy helping people 'type' themselves, and also use the theory to solve problems and help with relationships, in particular. Annoyingly, I am still not sure what type I am as I don't relate to any of them in particular. I'm hoping some people here might help with that? I just did the test on this site and came up ENTJ but I'm definitely not like these descriptions - not dominant, confident, not an obvious leader (unless passionate about something!). Anyway, that's enough from me for now - I look forward to joining you in some interesting discussions and maybe making some friends :)
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Welcome, Mary Louisa. I am an INTP, and the INTP descriptions fit me like the glove fit OJ Simpson's hand. Do you think maybe you could be just an ENTJ who has not yet fulfilled your potential? Hang out with the ENTJs and find out. And let's be friends. Maybe you are truly an INTP.
Hey thanks! :)

That's a lovely welcome, ApostateAbe! Thanks heaps. I suppose I could be an entj that hasn't fulfilled her potential but I seem warmer and more sensitive than those guys (could that just be my femaleness?). The truest things about me are - intensity, absent mindedness, braininess, enthusiasm, openness, clarity of critical thought - but I do have strong emotional reactions too. I have sometimes thought I am an INTP due to intense inner workings and lots of WRITING, but in company I am too social, enthusiastic etc. I am occasionally shy and awkward, depending on the company and how they seem to be accepting (or not) me, but when accepted I'm not shy at all. I'll hang out with the ENTJ's for a bit and see how it goes anyway. Any further help you can offer also would be much appreciated! Thanks again for the welcome, I'm glad to have a friend :)
Does ENFJ match?

You might find this forum useful: What's my personality type?

There's a questionnaire you can fill out that'll help people help you.

Andddd welcome. :)
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