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Hi, i am new in this forum.I registered,
but then I forgot all about this forum.
I am a mother of two girls and a wife.
I live in Finland.20 years ago I was
an exchange student in United States.
I was in the East Coast.I stayed there
for 10 months.I came to Finland and
I forgot to keep up my English skills.
Since 1991 has happend a lot.1997
i got married with my husband.1999
i got my first daughter.2000 i got my
second daughter.
1996 we started a business with V.
I have been doing screen printing since
then.Now we have a machine which does
stickers,it is great machine.
Now i have been 13 years living with a
disease named bipolar disease.A mental health
issue,I have also OCD and ADHD.Bipolar was
diagnosed 2002.ADHD was diagnosed 2007.
OCD has gone along with the diseases.It just
was medikated,i use an antidepressant Optipar
which is paroksetin.
So there i am ,found socionics and noticed that
there is no finnish site.Because my English is not
what it was 1991.There are so much difficult words
but i was just ready to read about types,but I found
out that it was too hard for me.I do not get the
concept,what it is all about.I have been very hard
on myself,i insisted that "you wont stop until you
learned it.It did not work.I get the introverted/
extroverted,perceiving /judging i get,but dont get
I just wanna know Socionics.I hope somebody
kind person would read this and maybe had
few consoling word for me.I just feel this subject
so close to my heart.I want to know myself better.
I have tested in Sociotype ISFP.In humanmetrics
i have tested ISFJ.That thing why i dont think i
am ISFP is that if there artists I am no artist.ISFJ
is better for me ,because i am a nurturer.
I hate the facebook groups because I can not
comminicate in finnish or in english.Facebook just isnt
for me , and that is interesting because I am addicted
to facebook.Thats enough about me .

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Hi! I hope that someone of us can help you. I saw that you've memorized a lot of dates. So your nickname have some meaning you want to share with us?
For your problem: I fear that personally I don't understand much about psychology and about how to solve a problem, but if I may be of any help to you I'll surely do it with pleasure. Again I'll say welcome to you.
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