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Hi, friends!

I'm new here. A lot of days I feel alone, writing a book or watching anime to get my mind off of my oh-so-sad life. ;) Not really. I actually like life pretty well.

I have a unique fascination with watching YouTube videos... particularly makeup tutorials, even though they're all. The. Same. :D I hope to one day be able to stop being easily distracted for ONE second, so that I can vlog about my life. I'm pretty sure my weird quirks could at least give people a laugh.

I love food! I eat more than most people--seriously. And don't ask me where I put it. I love Japanese food (sushi, yo), breakfast food, mild boneless wings, Wendy's double stacks (good lawd almighty), Dr. Pepper, Salsarita's fresh cantina (basically tex-mex), and breakfast food. I could name so many other food sensations, but.

I have a sheltie named Wolf-Bite. He's my best friend! I love animals. I would rescue a one-eyed pigeon if it asked me to.

I write songs, sing, play the piano/synthesizer, and love studio recording. This is my favorite thing. As mentioned briefly, I love to write stories. I hope to be an author one day (Sci-Fi/Fantasy).

I swear I was supposed to be born a gypsy. Happy travels!

Be my friend?



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