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Hi, I'm online again..

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I've been absent for some time. wanted to leave this forum forever but earlier today when I was searching some information to help me undestand better current situation, a PC link popped out on screen. Since it gave me the information, I rethink the idea of being here.
Meantime I've been rambling and maybe I'm not INTP after all (i dont know) but I'll boldly go... to find that out.

:admit, you've finished the "boldly go" line in your head: :wink:

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Sometimes there's a lot to be gained in a visit. Jung (a fellow INTP) devised the basis of this diagnostic system as a treatment method - there's no growth without the desire to improve oneself, and PC is a good barometer for where you are in your development, especially as compared with your contemporaries. It's a mirror of sorts, and it can help you identify the traits you do and don't want to reflect. Sometimes we need reminders.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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