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Just dropping a line to introduce myself. I've been looking around the forums for a bit and thought I will finally register. PC seems like a friendly and active forum.

While I'm definitely INTP, as I get older I try to push my personal comfort boundaries (at least until it overtaxes me and I have to shutout the world for a day or two to recuperate). So I'm hoping to maybe gain some information on how to better interact with other personality types. Thanks!

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Since CafeBot is more or less completely useless to new users, and most people will just post an average hello, I thought I'd offer you some assistance.

If you're looking for a place to get started posting, you should most definitely have a look at the General Chat forum where people just talk about whatever comes to mind. There's also the Game Forum where you can just have some fun and play some text games, such as "Ban the Person Above You" where you ban other users (jokingly, of course) for any offense you wish.

If you'd like to get straight into the action, there are plenty of other forums which might fit your interests.

If you're a philosopher type, Critical Thinking & Philosophy is probably the place you're looking for. If you're an artistic type, we've got a place for you, too: The Art Museum!

Better for people who enjoy a good debate (or argument, depending on your type) is the fabled Debate Forum. It's a place everyone goes to have your standard bar-fights, and there are a lot of intelligent people there to debate with. Not all threads are heated, so if you just want to discuss politely, there are threads for that there too.

Last but not least is the Book, Music, & Movie Reviews forum. The title is a bit misleading, as it's about books, music, and movies in general, as well as any other form of media. You're certainly not obligated to review anything, but you should certainly check it out!

Hm. I wonder if I'm forgetting anything…

Oh yeah!

We've got forums for all sixteen MBTI types, as well as the Enneagram system. If you know your type, check out the relevant forums listed below, and if you don't, take the test (or this one).

SJ Forum – The Overseers. This is the place for the various xSxJ types.
SP Forum – The Creators. Here's where you go if you're an xSxP type.
NT Forum – The Intellects. Check out the computer brained xNTx guys (and girls)!
NF Forum – The Dreamers. Come in and watch the xNFx types fly off into outer space.

Other helpful places: Display picture page, signature page, your details page, profile picture page, and Support & Suggestions.

Welcome to Personality Cafe, and I hope I've been of some assistance. :proud: Enjoy your stay! :laughing:
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