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Hi ISTPs, spare a few minutes for a quick science survey?

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I'm new here but have been on the MBTI subreddits for some time now. I found a Social Responsibility Questionnaire on the BBC website and after my friends took it, we all talked about the results and how different some people's scores were. I am very curious and want to compare them to MBTI types to see if there are any interesting patterns.

So, I've created a very short survey to collect responses through, but the problem I'm having right now is that we have next to no ESTJ, ESTP, ISTJ or ISTP responses. If I have some data scores from you guys, I would really appreciate it.

Will some of you help me expand the sample size?

The survey is here:

Thanks for helping me out!
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Butthurt levels in this thread are too damn high.
If it makes you feel any better, go ahead.
Your trying to hard to be an ISTP, even if you are one...
Actually that IS the typical ISTP response to an irrelevant subject. And your response is the typical response to my response because you too are trying to rebel.

Isn't Learning fun?
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They aren't good for you
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My posts were only to further snowball it.

I love how threads get derailed on this sub forum so fast.

I got to admit, I do a good job derailing a thread. Seriously, start at my post and watch the avalanche.
Well I stand by my statements either way ;)
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