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Hi ISTPs, spare a few minutes for a quick science survey?

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I'm new here but have been on the MBTI subreddits for some time now. I found a Social Responsibility Questionnaire on the BBC website and after my friends took it, we all talked about the results and how different some people's scores were. I am very curious and want to compare them to MBTI types to see if there are any interesting patterns.

So, I've created a very short survey to collect responses through, but the problem I'm having right now is that we have next to no ESTJ, ESTP, ISTJ or ISTP responses. If I have some data scores from you guys, I would really appreciate it.

Will some of you help me expand the sample size?

The survey is here:

Thanks for helping me out!
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I normally don't do surveys, but I was attracted by the OP's username. The survey itself is fairly quick and painless. I think it's just to measure where we rank on the scale between "pillar of the community" and "danger to society".
^ Note that this person's type is currently set at "unknown". If people are doing your survey when they're not even sure of their type, the results will be meaningless.

Maybe fix that, or something.
What topic? You either do the survey or you don't. The rest is gravy.
Trust me, he won the argument. Whatever it was. Don't compound your defeat by being a sore loser.
You know troll is not the go to answer to win an argument. It just makes you ignorant.
No, but you can detect traits regardless of the content. There's a certain consistency of traits within each type, even in written speech. Someone who displays many of the known ISTP traits, like Promethea, is more likely to be an ISTP than someone who displays none of them, like Mr Worms.
Yeah, and I seriously doubt that you or any of the other self-professed MBTI personality-palm readers here can determine jack shit "just by looking at the content of" another member's posts.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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