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Hey all. So I'm an ENFP who had my heyday of MBTI obsession back in high school. It only just recently occurred to me though what the real cause of someone's type is. I made a video about it but it's virtually un-findable, even when I enter like the entire title into the the YouTube search bar. smh.
I would love to be able to post a link but I take it that since this is my first post it would lead me to be deemed a spammer? Does anyone know?
So if that's not an option I would be happy to then just post about it. It's just my impatience for views- it itches.
Anywho, I'm basically a dork who spends most of my life dancing around in my room. Like, freal.

Feel free to ask me anything if I skipped some of the Intro essentials which I probs may have. Thanks for all the welcomes to come! Peace!

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Last I remember, you can't post links until you've posted a few times, but I might be wrong about that. Dancing about your room sounds like very ENFP behavior!

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