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I’d like to confirm my type and would be grateful for help. I’ve wasted too much time thinking about MBTI so I’d like some input. ENFP, INTP and ESTJ seem like the most reasonable, but if you have evidence for something else, please state it here. Statements may be out of place or irrelevant in terms of functions, but it should be enough to work with. If something in this post is contentious to you or you think “there’s no way to be confused between these types”, that’s fine, but answer the question first.

I realized I should have done a questionnaire and this format will likely fail to give an accurate result, but I've completed too much of this to go back now.

Background information:
ADHD combined—Taking meds
Dichotomy-wise, my scores are E: -30% - 20%, N: 50% - 80%, T: -10% - 35% P: -30% - 30%
I type as ENTj-Ni in Socionics. If not, definitely a type in Gamma or Beta quadrant.
Enneagram 1w2. If not, 8w9. Social primary.

I’m generally seen by others as someone who’s simultaneously facetious and serious. Outspoken, high-initiative, moody, blunt, confident, helpful, bothersome, critical, passionate, annoying, eccentric, principled, pensive, hyper, calm, introverted, judgmental, comedic.

I tend to go all or nothing. Many times after too much idleness, I have a “just shut up and do it” approach. This is how I get myself to go to the gym or make this post
I enjoy physical labor over sitting down and writing
I was brasher and more physically impulsive around people before being prescribed Vyvanse
When I act, I find that I didn’t take enough time to think things through before hand
When angry or irritated in a private environment I break things or yell (I doubt this is Se exclusive).
I binge every so often (food, video games, Wikipedia)

Contra Se:
I usually never observe or focus on things in the moment, there’s always something in my head that I’m ranting or thinking about
I’m strong, but physically uncoordinated
I don’t pay enough attention to dress or fashion
I need to work on my willpower to get things done (ie, I know I can keep going, but I stop. Strong Se users seem to shrug it off and continue)

I often make assumptions or have an image or thought that certain things are going to happen (e.g. the last sentence of the opening paragraph)
I can see notice or find relations and trends readily
The majority of my time is spent alone philosophizing or thinking, whether it is about truths or what I have to do and the paths I have to take to meet my goals. When thinking practically, it can be specific, like imagining myself in an upcoming presentation
I know what I want or expect, I have an end goal imagined

Contra Ni:
I often doubt my hunches even if they turn out to be correct
When I see many Ni descriptions, I can only think “what a load of BS”, which indicates that I probably don’t use it.
My conclusions or thoughts don’t come “out of nowhere”. I’m always aware except when ideating. Ideation is unconscious or sudden for everyone
I don’t usually think in images, my thoughts are primarily verbal. However, I do have an image of an end goal or product then fill in the gaps
The implementation or result is often far different than my assumptions and many things end up being pipe dreams because I failed to plan in great detail. I rely on experience to cover the angles
Systems thinking for me is learned and conscious
It takes time to understand complex concepts and I need them broken down concretely

Puns and jokes come to me instantly because I take a stimulus and put in a different context. While in class or in certain groups, I’m the clown/jokester. (How did your computer crash if it can’t drive?)
I easily see connections or “between the lines” implications
I often have “jugaad” solutions to in the moment problems (eg grabbing my grandmother’s cane to pick up an out of reach bag, using scissors as a screwdriver, folding paper to hold up a loose plug).
My essays often have too many points and seem unclear as a result
My observations build on or leap from one to another (eg “localism -> prosperous nations relied on localism -> however, lack of defense or solidarity, which is why the Celts fell to the British-> centralization is needed to force the market in certain directions; individual consumers/producers aren’t motivated by everyone’s long run prosperity -> libertarians cannot truly be progressives or consequentialist”)
In certain areas, I need external input to come to a conclusion (such as right now)
I’ll have a silly thought then dismiss it (Ne + T?)

Contra Ne:
I don’t consciously see things in a “multiple possibilities” or “what if?” mindset, or enjoy wondering about things that are unreasonable or irrelevant. I usually see one thing at a time.
I don’t take into account every angle or possibility, I rely on other people to provide critique

I can be physically cautious, especially when there are other people on the line (e.g. I can be paranoid on the highway)
I have a large store of information, but it’s not available readily until I have a “link” such as a question. The details are often fuzzy
I can remember or extrapolate on things based on subtle sensory impressions
Occasional moments of nostalgia
I naturally place too much emphasis on physical comfort

Contra Si:
I don’t value culture or history and view them as a waste of time and energy
I don’t follow a routine; my lifestyle varies wildly depending on what I need to do that day
My environment is messy until I can’t take it anymore (but goes back to physical comfort)

I’m bossy when I’m part of a team or in a position to act
I’m steamroller-like or blunt in argument. I’m quick to say if I think something’s wrong or impractical, but I’m slow to see when I’m wrong because I’m overconfident
I don’t appreciate counterargument or complaints when it has no place, though I’m guilty of unnecessary counterargument myself
I form my opinion quickly, talk fast and speak before I think/think as I speak (however I have to stop and recollect my thoughts often, which is associated with Ti)
I’m solution oriented
I love seeing things work efficiently and try to do things to increase efficiency.
I am quick to come to solutions, judge or form arguments/opinions and these are unshakeable until you can give me acceptable reasoning showing otherwise. I’m willing to throw away ideas that are shown to be wrong
I have little patience for weakness
I hate wasting capital and resources

Contra Te:
My reasoning is not based off of objective fact alone, but also on derived conclusions
I try to be practical, but there’s always something that I overlook or a stupid assumption that I’ve made, which makes my action
I have low energy to get things done unless I have other people to work with/under my command
I don’t take enough time to put everything on paper beforehand
Organization and productivity are things that I learned only recently and have yet to refine. They did not come to me naturally
I seem softer or sillier than stereotypical ETJs
My communication at times is ambiguous/ takes too long to get to the point
I’m slow to work until I’m pressured even though I plan ahead and know when to do what to meet deadlines. My work is inconsistent, but these are habits that I’m working to fix.
I miss obvious answers or solutions to problems
I often misjudge how long something will take, how much money we’ll raise, etc.
I need the advice/judgement of other people to catch the things I miss.
I waste too much time on unproductive things, such as this
I have failed to follow through or get things in on time on multiple occasions. That should not happen any longer

I’m a strong utilitarian and I hold internal hostility to people and ideas that don’t hold the same intention or are apathetic. I see many others as short-sighted or uncaring towards what matters, but I also realize this is egocentric.
I’m very self-aware when alone
I can be internally neurotic and have to work to calm myself down
I generally seem cold or less emotional until I react sharply
I think heavily on ideals and know what I should do to be consistent with them
I rank things in terms of importance and usefulness; certain things require more attention than others regardless of what some people want to believe.
I have a "sympathy switch"

Contra Fi:
I try to make sure personal grievances don’t get in the way of practical action.

I expect that people be polite and considerate, especially to strangers
I love teaching or helping people when I am able
My face is expressive
I tend to have a good grasp on people’s emotions and react to it in the moment (staying silent or comforting, etc.)
On Vyvanse, I can adjust my behavior to get what I want
I hate seeing people being yelled at or bullied and can be defensive
I hate fights and become angry when they occur

Contra Fe:
I don’t care about and don’t feel the same connection between myself and others. Family and friendship are effectively nonexistent.
I don’t care about individuals that I know personally and have little tolerance for self-centered emotionalism. If you don’t want to fix your issue and you don’t show concern or focus for others, then you don’t deserve any reassurance.
I’m annoyed by small talk and long-winded details of people’s personal lives. Conversation should have a purpose.
When I am concerned, it doesn't often show
In argumentation, I ignore people’s reactions even when I notice them

I spend the majority of my time pacing back and forth, thinking obsessively on certain topics or areas. Some of these are impractical (eg existentialism) others are more material but still abstract and not directly actionable (eg economics)
I can notice logical inconsistency readily
I need a fair amount of time to recollect verbally, resulting in many pauses and “ums”
I’m often critical or skeptical

Contra Ti:
I think logical consistency for its own sake is absolutely pointless. Application is more important than theory.
I hope to actually act on or apply the results of my thoughts and conclusions; they’re the foundation of my goals and actions
I’m annoyed by nitpicking and focus on definition when the intent is clear. I communicate in more general terms and need to be more precise with my wording.

I adjust my actions and plans during implementation because I notice/find a better method (Pe?)
I think I primarily use inductive reasoning.
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