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High School / College clubs and activities vs type

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Ok, so this is just comparing what activities types gravitate towards.

As for myself, I am an ENTP, and during high school I was involved in:

Writer's Club
Debate (LD)
Speech (PO + PR)
Spanish Honor Society
HOLA (spanish dancing)
FCA (fellowship of christian athletes)
FFA (future farmers of america)

In college:

Speech (POI + PR)
Anime Club

So.... comparing myself to my type, my activities rolled with: Extraversion (speaking activities), Percieving (learning about diff cultures and gaining perspective), Intuition - eh, that's kind of hard to pin down w/clubs, Thinking - applying thought to body and speech

Let me hear what you think! GO.
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In High School I played a few sports and did a bit of theatre and in college am in Film Club, a few political/social action clubs, and have been to a few basic formals and been miserable. In the High School yearbook I was voted "Most likely to win a non-violent debate", "Most likely to become Chairman of the Fed" and "Funniest Student". There you go.
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