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Tine and I started to get this thought in her "feelings" thread, but I decided to open it up specifically here.

Who out there is also a highly sensitive person (HSP)? We sense (through our five senses, but since we're intuitive, also through that one as well) things much sharper than ordinary others would. For example, lights can be too bright, sounds too loud, and it's when people seem too mean that I used to get confused about whether I was thinking or feeling. I'm a thinker though, just a highly sensitive one. I don't always sense things as "too much" but for the most part I find that usually something is overwhelming/too much. If it's not coming in to harshly through one of my five senses, it's a feeling that's too intense. When the feelings get waaaay to intense though I just go numb. Anyone else - HSPs I mean - around here?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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