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I'm a 4w5, INFP. I've read about the HSP concept and have been told by my 7w6 ENFP friend, who has a strong 4 side, that I, like him, am an HSP.

Personally, the HSP concept does not appeal to me very much, and less as I grow older (28 now). I find that the enneagram, and the Jungian type descriptions by Jung, van der Hoop, and others (although not MBTI descriptions) give me a deeper understanding of myself. HSP seems more on the surface.

About your question regarding being easily hurt - I've been there. Many of us 4s would qualify as HSP. The kinds of things that hurt you would vary depending on whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, and what your typology is. Being an introvert, sometimes I couldn't be less bothered about certain things that extroverts are affected by, and vice-versa.

Most probably, you will develop a shell with age, where the things that sting you now will sting less. You will learn to care less about the opinions of those who don't matter.

But being HSP shouldn't be a justification for suffering. Activities that make you a stronger, inwardly richer, more purposeful person would be great, especially for HSPs. I have in mind depth-oriented psychotherapy (not really CBT) and vipassana meditation.

Lastly - being HSP comes with its own gifts, so I hope you will not try to become less HSP but an HSP who knows how to manage and thrive in his HSP-ness.
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