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Highly Sensitive Persons

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Yes, everything is too much, much of the time.

Going into an unfamiliar environment that is unappealing to me paralyzes me to the point where I become completely uncommunicative, totally absorbed in the deep stress I feel internally.

Certain environments, oftentimes places that are covered in brown flatness, deep shadows, and sometimes neighborhoods where all the homes look very "cute" and nice, but everything feels somehow too open and bright, these kinds of places and others fill me with a puzzling, acute sadness/a twinge of some pain I can't really describe.

Loud noises, coarse materials (even light boxers bug the hell out of me -- severely), too many details, people, options, I can feel the emotions of everyone in the room -loud-and-clear-, I feel things incredibly strongly but I almost never express myself because I am too aware of all the potential problems that may cause and so choose to be completely unobtrusive and inexpressive, heck... I could go down the list of any HSP test and have lots to say about each characteristic.

I become so overwhelmed... This relegates me to publicly appearing as basically a robotic, tight-lipped, dry pod. Of course, there is much else that I wish I could express/be but this extreme sensitivity sort of boxes me in. It's not all bad, but I'm just wanting to spread it out here so as to garner some likeminded attention.

I could have a whole hell lot of stuff to say but I'll just cut it here and state that having all these HSP characteristics is rough but somehow I do find some pride in there somewhere, and I want to open this space up for other folks identifying, wondering, whatever about HSP.
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I'm autistic and empathetic. :p

I have sensory processing disorder, which Elaine Aron says is different from HSP, but never explains how (at least I have yet to see an explanation).
Is this basically autism for people with empathy/social awareness? Because I firmly fit this archetype.
The implication is that autistic people lack empathy and social awareness. So he's saying HSP is like autism without the previously mentioned problems.
I am not sure I understand your question though. Did you compare HSP to autism?
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