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Hi I'm Indy,
and when I was supposed to be sleeping I stumbled upon this website and became instantly addicted! I had lots of fun reading about all personality types and especially my own... I think its my new obsession. Anyway HI!

Things I like:
Sleeping in
Being warm
Smart people
Being right
Convincing people I am right
Finding things that amuse me (Like this website)
lots and lots of other things

Things I don't like:
Doing things NOW
Being woken up
Cold things
Ugly people and things
STD's (are terrifying!!!)
Stupid people (I know I may not understand their thinking process but if you are in the 11th grade you Dhould know triangles have 3 sides... sorry)
Being proven wrong (rarely happens but still)
People who wont even try to see things in a different way
Boring things (like physics class...)
When you can hear people chewing or swallowing... or breathing
Some other random things

I cant really think of anything else to write but I LOVE answering questions :)

:) Indy

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Welcome to PersonalityCafe!

*You are hearing a robotic sounding voice coming towards you*

Greetings indy and welcome to PersonalityCafe!! My name is Mr. CafeBot. I am here to personally greet you and thank you for joining our humble little forum. No matter your type, you will surely experience a wonderful time with the members of this forum. We cater to all personality types so you will never feel alone or weird. Truth is this forum is full of weirdos!! Pleazeee hel.... *Ahem*I mean we have the nicest people you will ever meet. :)

If you need basic forum information our newbie guide link is here...

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If you need any help or have any suggestions, please let us know here...

We will always be glad to help you!

Also don't forget to watch my music video...

Again, welcome to our forum indy. We hope that your experience with us is tremendously benevolent!


Please tip me 1 gold. I need to buy more coffee! @[email protected]

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Thanks for the welcome :)
But one question... Of many how does one to about getting/ gifting gold?

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Hi Indy! You'll have a riot in the ENTP subsection of the forum. As for gold, starting threads and lots of commenting will get you gold.

Or you can blackmail it from someone. just sayin. :happy:
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