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hmmm... this is a bit awkward.

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Well, hello all. INTP here. I'm not exactly sure why i'm on here. I really do love mbti. But i think it is mainly for external validation. Which i hate that i need. But i do. Soooo... hi. OH! your expecting something about myself to make this post worth reading and not just skimming through. Well, i was quite popular in school. It was a small school though so i think that since i knew everyone the whole time, i knew where i fit in. Now that i am out, i struggle meeting new people. and it annoys me greatly. anyway don't wanna make this too long. but i already have with my ramblings... if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. (as if there aren't enough people to talk to on here)
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Ooh. An INTP.
My mommy, ex, and best friend are INTP.
Welcome home, my friend.
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