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Hello beautiful (some not lol) ENFJs. In an effort to make our subforum the best subforum I am suggesting we do something they, probably, haven't done yet so we can be ahead of the curve. 3 words. Holiday. Skype. Call. "dawn ye gay apparel" and jump on skype so we can talk about stuff and junk that may (or may not) be holiday related. I'd suggest video call but hey if you wanna remain hidden that's cool too. In order to make this a Christmas miracle a reality...

1.) How many people would be interested in doing something like this?
2.) What day or time would work for everyone (you know with different timezones and what not)

Personally I'd shoot before the 20th HOWEVER as an alternative we could also do something similar for new years too or whatever. Like this could become our "thing" that subforums try to "Borrow" from us.
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