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Above is a quote from Proverbs (bible) and it has been used in various types of literature I've studied.

And it is something I've been realizing a lot. Sometimes, I am so far ahead of myself - I envision and visualize myself years down the line, plan for years ahead, but I find myself stuck HERE in time. I know I'm taking steps to reach that goal eventually, but meanwhile, I feel that the hope (me looking to the future) is sucking so much energy out of my motivations, because it takes longer than I thought for me to reach that place.

Lately, this has been worse, because I had to delay some plans by a few months, and one plan up to a year. Imagine this as an analogy: I am about to take the next step up to reaching my goal, but suddenly the next step was pushed far away by some magical force. Now, instead of taking the next step, I have to make a bridge to get there first. And this making the bridge is sucking energy and time out of me, and it's hard for me to focus on the end-goal when I am spending so much grueling effort on the more "present" aspects.

Anyone else relate to this?
Hmm...I understand it is frustrating at times when plans progress slowly. I'm not exactly pleased with my rate of progress. But I always remind myself of my purpose and why I want to reach the goals I have in the future. When I am reminded of my own clarity of purpose, I do what I have to do, no matter how long it takes and no matter how much I hate it. Knowing why helps because no matter what obstacles I face, my why is strong enough to endure until I fulfill my goals.
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