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I'm not sure if I like this movie or not... Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon has great chemistry and it was funny, although quite idiotic.

Rose Cooper- can I talk about Rose freaking Cooper? She's a perfect example of a Si/Ti loop; underdeveloped Fe makes it hard for her to be warm and personal in her job. She's a Si dom, no doubt about it- writes everything in her journal, remembers every detail, by-the-book to the extreme- very streotypical SJ. Under stress, she's very Ti: "Why would they do that? Who ordered them? Why?" (to which Daniella replies "Who cares- they killed my husband!"- that's Ti vs. Te). In the end she develops her Fe and is willing to bend the rules for her loved ones and becoming her own person, she becomes healthier and less boring.

Daniella Riva- she's a bit of a mystery to me, since about half of the movie her motive was unclear. I was able to recognize that she uses Te and Fi by the way she talks (factual and kinda mean), I wasn't sure in what order. Se and Ni were clear to me; Se for obvious reasons (materialistic, uses her body for her advantage, quick on taking oppertunities in contrast of Cooper). I think she's either ESFP or ENTJ- in the end when she wants to kill the guy who killed her brother but ends up not doing it and then Cooper shoots him, she doesn't thank her for saving her life, she says "I waited 6 years to kill him and you ruined it!"- angry Ni. I'm more inclined to say ESFP because of her irrationality but I'm not sure.

Other opinions?
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