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In true ENTP fashion, I can't keep from voicing my opinions. The guys have already been asked, now what do ENTP girls value in a mate?

Top 5 Characteristics
Top 5 Physical Features
Top 5 Dislikes
Top 5 Desires

For me:

Unique and diverse interests and abilities

Physical features-
Great hair (dark and curly or anything soft)
A good, strong pair of hands
Posture - confident and proud
Gorgeous/contagious smile
Voice. That's physical... right?

People who don't know what they're talking about
Small-mindedness (never looking at the big picture)
Preppy boys
A relationship based on the dating game (I prefer to be friends first)
Drama Kings

Someone with a similar world view as me (we click logically and intellectually)
Someone who wouldn't mind living in a small town (and then diving in and running the place)
Being a little full of yourself is ok, as long as you have good reason to be
Someone who's ok with me having a lot of my own independent projects and goals
Someone who wants a family
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