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Interesting about having someone else take the test and it be easier. I remember when I first started studying the Enneagram and I had mistyped myself, people close to me knew my dominant type before I realized it. I don't know that anyone has specifically written a test for someone to take for someone else. I wonder how that kind of test might be different.

Sounds like a shorter test would be better so they won't get bored or overwhelmed by it - as you described with your husband.
Maybe it should have to do more with how someone approaches life situations that others can see as a pattern.

It might be worth creating a test like this to type others or have others help determine your type. Anyone have any suggestions on this?
My husband didn't take the test for me: Reread what I wrote?

For that test, if I was vacillating between an answer--three questions in all, I asked my husband for his opinion as he knows me so well, and has been with me 29 years, going through so much, and watching me do it.

It's like Johari's Mirror:

We all have a blind spot, and as I know my husband's, he knows my own. In that case, for accuracy, it made sense to ask for his opinion, which if it didn't jibe I would have dismissed with a "Thanks!" and chosen what seemed the better fit.

Glad you Mentioned me @enneathusiast because your question regarding a test designed for someone else to take?

It isn't necessary.

Just do as Riso & Hudson suggested for enneagram--if you doubt the results of your own; do what I did but not for three questions, for all of them, then 'compare notes,' i.e. discuss it and proceed accordingly to take it again.

I did that before I ever heard of enneagram or read Riso & Hudson, with MBTI--I took it as though I was my husband and he took it as though he were me--Humanmetrics, back in 2009.

I got his type (he thought he was an ENFP which is close to ESFP), and whatever type he chose for me (neither of us can now remember) it was so off we laughed.

But that's understandable as, heck, I tested INTJ on Humanmetrics for seven years, but always got INFJ from keys2cognition.

One of Riso and Hudson's books--the one with the predominantly orange cover--has a test of over 200 questions in it, and if you know anyone you trust and respect, who has some grounding in enneagram or catches on fast, willing to take it for you or help you with some answers, go for it, see what results you get.

After all, enneagram isn't about being the best individual we can living out in a cabin like The Unibomber.

It's about being our best selves, and all human beings are social creatures, so how we manage our relationships--and that includes how we are seen by those close to us (assuming these people are not very unhealthy) matters.

Thanks again for the Mention.
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