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How are you today?
Exhausted. Muscles ache. Constantly feeling like I'm dehydrated.

How do you feel right now and why?

What are you thinking of right now?
I'm wondering if I'm not suffering from some kind of re-currying vicious infection, like staph. Some symptoms seem to fit. Need to go to doctor and try to pressure her into prescribing a test instead of just feeding me with antibiotics like usual.

Damn, that's something that keeps happening again and again. A few times a year. I'm ill more often than other people.
I also sweat a lot. I can smell from my sweat that I'm ill. For last week or something.

I used to have a lot of absences at school because of such infections. I'm starting to suspect it's not just a case of lowered immunity but of some kind of a recurring infection.
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