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I found out that when my IT-band went out and took my lower back with it, it involved my psoas and piriformis, and I had sciatica.

This would seem depressing news but actually, it lead me to research treatment instead of giving into recommended procedures, physical therapy (can't afford it, anyway) and all the other meh and expensive stuff the "experts" like to recommend you keep getting. I know because that's the round I was given and took starting in 1998 when it was "just" my back.

So, solution, long-term, gotta be done in proper sequence (expect some set-backs), go slow?

Specific yoga asanas for flexibility and strength.

I used to try The Sun Salutation and it hurt my back. I tried lunges, hurt my knees. Tried other routines (generic), hurt this or that.

Now, I'm going to mindfully try somatic yoga moves, do a few reps each day, pay attention to any sign of soreness that is more than the "good" kind, and proceed with confidence and determination.

I mean, I can't shower without help; this has to stop.

So, my day?

I did one recommended stretch for my piriformis, repeated it once later, and then got down to more paperwork organization--some I've been meaning to get to for years. :p

I also chose the teachers, youtube videos, and one DVD to rank the stretches.

So my day has been good. I got Pickles out for a cuddle, cleaned her cage. Heck, I even walked, very mindfully -- heel toe, head erect, shoulders relaxed, and donated two light bags of stuff: Just a block there and back, someone who has give-away yard non-sales for goodwill.

Now my husband is gonna make us pita pockets. So far, so great.
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